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In earlier March, we launched our new development YL8028 Stretch Lining.  We wanted to share with you the inspiration and innovation behind the product, that have gone into the one of the bestselling products in the market.

Stretch Lining

Unlike other fabric lining products, YL8028 Stretch Lining, is a revolutionary breakthrough in stretchability. It is strong by nature, extremely smooth surface, superior stable retention, and machine washable, which makes it much suitable for inner layer than the traditional. YL8028 Stretch Lining can be apply in both industrial usage and apparel usage.

Being Strong and Soft At The Same Time!

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Product Name: YL8028 Stretch Lining

Products in the cloth.

  • 1. High stretchability performance
  • 2. Extremely smooth surface
  • 3. Superior stable retention
  • 4. Both industrial usage and apparel usage.
  • 5. Machine washable
  • 6. Environmentally friendly dyeing technology

Specification:150cm x 50m, 100% Polyester, 50d x 50d

Application: Windbreaker, Suits, Jackets, Skirts, Pants and other


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